Featured New Releases for 5-23-2018 at CNJComics

It’s a great week for Marvel, as some of their best projects are all released at once!

Black Panther gets a new number one as T’Challa looks to the stars for the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda! Still written by Ta’Nehisi Coates, but this time he’s joined by Daniel Acuna, who’s art seems to fit the story perfectly.

Get to the shop early Wednesday for this great cover priced variant cover:

It’s time for Brian Michael Bendis’ last Marvel Comic book, for now at least. Iron Man #600 brings Tony Stark back and hopefully closes up some of Brian’s storylines. I’ll alway considered Avengers Disassembled to Siege to be one of the best time periods in Marvel history, largely due to his contributions. 

Donny Cates’ run on Thanos has been so strong (and well timed) that we’ll be getting 3rd, 4th and even 5th printings of all the issues this week. Great stuff, get them all at once!

Cates is now writing Venom, and will be writing a Cosmic Ghost Rider series, as well as a ‘Death of the Inhumans’ mini series. (Maybe he can finally get those characters right, because there is gold there.) For now though, he’s still writing Doctor Strange before Mark Waid takes over in June. The latest issue is this week, with a pretty fun Deadpool variant as well. 

I finally get to see Deadpool 2 tonight, but the in shop consensus is it’s a hit. Solo is this week as well!

We’ve also got reprints of some of the Amazing Spider-Man issues that have sold out, some of which are also on a 5th printing.

More importantly, ASM #800 comes out next week, and we’re selling variant sets for all the open order covers. Here’s the deal, you can get all 12 open order covers including Alex Ross, Bagley, Bradshaw, Cassaday, Cho, Dodson, Frenz, JRSR, Land, Moebius, Ramos, Rivera as well as the 1:25 Dell’Otto Variant for $116.88 plus tax. That’s the $9.99 cover price for each issue less 10%, plus you are getting the 1:25 for cover price less discount as well. We only have a few of these sets left, and you have to pick them up by Sunday June 3rd, or prepay.

We will also have a 1:200 Virgin Dell’Otto variant, as well as a few 1:100 Moebius variants, but those are obviously a lot more. Inquire at the checkout desk for those. 

We’re looking forward to it being a great story, as Dan Slott is putting his heart into this final arc. Red Goblin!

Lastly, here’s our pitch to try Deadly Class again now that the trailer has been released. 


An assassin school in the 1980’s from Image Comics and Rick Remender. It’s also One of Ben’s top titles and I really dig it as well. Issue #34 comes out this week, and we have a full back stock on the graphic novels. 

That’s it for this week! Summer is coming!