Free Comic Book Day Last Minute Updates

Hey everyone, just some last minute updates on this year’s Free Comic Book Day. 

If for some reason you did not read the previous email with all the info you can find it all here!


First up, we’ve talked to Steranko and he’s all jazzed up about the weekend. 
One thing to know before waiting in line to see him is that he only accepts cash, no credit cards, so prepare accordingly!
I would also like to reiterate that one of the best buys you can make on FCBD is the Captain America Marvel Masterwork by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko. 
It has all of Steranko’s Captain America work in it, and the afterward is also written by Jim. It’s six texts pages including a page by page breakdown of issue #110, which was my favorite issue by him. Even if you don’t wait in line for Jim this is a great book to learn a little more about him and his craft.
Regularly priced at $24,99, we are able to sell them for only $10!
For the record, we have already sold out of the Steranko cover of Action Comics #1000, and have sold over half of the Captain America #700 Steranko Variants. Be warned and make these purchases early in the event!
We have been hard at work making this year’s beers, and the labels are homages to Steranko’s work, including the aforementioned Captain America #110. 
We have also received donations from two local breweries:
  • Working Class Brewery in the plaza has donated a keg of their Imperial Wit, and they will also be open late Friday Night in case you need a place to chill and have a beer away from the madness. They’re also having Star Wars trivia earlier in the evening for May the 4th! Check them out here.
  • We also received two cases of tea beer from Wild Ohio Brewing! They are gluten free and made without barley. We’ve got lots of different flavors to check out. Read up about them here.
Please remember to drink responsibly. We work under an art show model and drinks are free starting at 10pm. Tips are highly recommended, as our bartender Macklin works for them. You’re also likely from Ohio, where only a dirtbag doesn’t tip a buck on a free beer.  
Be cool Amigo, and keep all drinks in the shop. This isn’t Mardi Gras.

We’ll also have a bunch of cool groups in the crowd that night, including a crew promoting their new Superman documentary, Secret IdentityThe Nerdy Dancers of CLE will be out there with a few performances. Drone2you will be providing some overhead coverage of the event. We’ll have Heather Linn out there taking event photos. The Ghostbusters: Cleveland will also have there Ecto-1 out there as well. Be sure to explore the line as well as the event! 

We’re also happy to say that we have a record number of Star Wars cosplayers signed up for Friday Night, walking the line 10 pm till midnight to make things more exciting while you wait. We even made up a foam core sign for you to use for photo opps to post on your social media that night. You’ll find one at the bar and one at the photo opp area by the entrance to the FCBD room.

We’ve also built a 10:1 scale Funko Pop Box for photo ops. It turned out way funnier than I originally envisioned. 

The best way to get a good photo in it is to sit on a stool and really use up the space in there. Have the photographer take a knee while taking the shot as well. I learned alot building it and we’ll have a 2.0 coming for the summer at a 8:1 scale with art on all sides. Please be care getting in and out of the box and enjoy! As always please tag those pictures with #CNJCOMICS so we can see them the next day!

Thanks to Kristen and Sean Burns, because the art show turned out great! I’ve really read up on Steranko’s history and this year’s show really hits all the marks on his career. Really fun stuff. I was even inspired to do a piece this year after Jim’s legendary story about the gun in the holster edit.

Here’s another piece by Jake Kelly, paying homage to Steranko’s beefcake faze as well as out shop lump Winston.

There are a few minor changes to the artist line ups for sketching. For Friday night Dave Wendt is out and Greg Golem is in. For both shifts Saturday Dave Wendt is out and Greg Golen and Jake Kelly are in. Dave Wendt is a Doctor and had to take his re-certification boards this week and time got away from him. He passed though! Good thing, he’s Carol’s physician. 

Okay everyone, that is it! Load up on that flair and get ready to see the best this city has to offer!

Show up and be awesome!

As always, Engage others – Participate – Be a Friend