Detective Comics #1000 Midnight Release at CNJComics

This Tuesday, March 26th at 11:59 pm we’ll be hosting an early release event for Detective Comics #1000!

This will be your first chance to get the comic and check out all the covers that are available in person.


We will be carrying all decades variants as well as the regular, blank, and midnight release variant.

All of these variants will be cover priced at $9.99. We’ve seen the book and it’s fantastic, check out the Bendis story here for a good idea of the quality inside!

Now let’s check out those covers!

Detective Comics #1000 main cover by Jim Lee.

Detective Comics #1000 1930’s Decades Variant by Steve Rude

Detective Comics #1000 1940’s Decades Variant by Bruce Timm

Detective Comics #1000 1950″s Decades Variant by Michael Cho

Detective Comics #1000 1960’s Decades Variant by Jim Steranko (!)

Detective Comics #1000 1970’s Decades Variant by Berni Wrightson

Detective Comics #1000 1980’s Decades Variant by Frank Miller (the cover with the most pre-orders at this point)

Detective Comics #1000 1990’s Decades Variant by Tim Sale

Detective Comics #1000 2000’s Decades Variant by JOCK

Detective Comics #1000 2010’s Decades Variant by Greg Capullo

Detective Comics #1000 Blank Variant

Detective Comics #1000 Midnight Release Variant


For the Midnight Release we will stay open until 12:30 am, and we’ll be raffling off a $100 Batman Haunted Knight Absolute Edition by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Everyone there will get a ticket and you must be present at 12:30 to win. (It’s more fun that way.)

We will also be offering 50% off Batman Back Issues and 20% off Batman Graphic Novels during this half hour. (We’ll pull some Batman dollar books out too.)

If it has Batman on it or in it, you can get the discount!

You will also be able to buy all your new comics releases for the week at the Midnight Event.

We should have more than enough copies to make it until Wednesday, though we’ll likely have sold out of a few of the covers by then. We’re just really excited to put the book into everyone’s hands and to give everyone the opportunity to get the cover they want.

Plus, we bought a Batman Pop Fun Collection that will be available first at the midnight event!’

This week is also the debut of DC’s new Original Graphic Novel line for Kids, with the release of Super Sons by Ridley Pearson and Ile Gonzalez.

This, combined with DC’s new line for Young Adults, DC Ink, marks a new era for DC, as the dip into the world of Youth OGN’s like Sisters and Awkward.

Here’s a map to what’s to come from DC Zoom.

Hope to see you at Midnight this Tuesday!