Holiday Pandemic Art Show at CNJComics Dec 16th-20th

Just because we can’t have a Holiday Party doesn’t mean we can’t have an Art Show!

Everyone year we reach out to Cleveland’s Art Community to help us put together an art show to help the Cleveland Food Bank, who have the amazing ability to turn one dollar into four full meals for those in need. (and the need is currently greater than ever.)

Local artists turn blank comic covers into works of art that can be won through a basket raffle system where one dollar gets you one ticket towards the cover of your choice. In the past this has been a one day show where the winners are drawn at the end of the night at our yearly customer appreciation party. 

Due to CoVid-19 this year the show will extend over five days and winners will be drawn on a Facebook Live stream to help offset the traffic in the shop at any one time. 

This year’s theme is ‘The Pandemic’ and artists were tasked with creating covers combining the CoVid-19 life with their favorite comic book characters. 

Here’s a few of this year’s submissions:

Art by Kyle Goers @RubyRoadrash
Art by Sarah Worhrman

Stop by the shop between Wednesday December 16th and Sunday December 20th, buy some tickets and check out the artwork!

  • Art is displayed in the foyer attached to the shop
  • One dollar = one ticket. Five dollars = six tickets (you can buy as many tickets as you like.)
  • Each piece of artwork has an associated paper bag to place your tickets into, so you only win the artwork you like. 
  • Winners will be drawn live by the whole staff at 6pm on Sunday December 20th. (you do not need to be watching the stream to win, but it sure will be fun.)
  • We will have some extra prizes and hardcovers to give away for people that are in the live stream.
  • Anyone not in the stream will be notified the next day, so you can pick up your cover and maybe use it as a present for someone. 
  • ALL funds collected go directly to the food bank. (I’ll drive a check over there myself so they don’t lose any of the funds to credit card fees.)
  • If you want to contribute to the fund raiser while sheltering at home, you can call in a credit card for tickets and we will randomly place your tickets in different bags. 
  • After the art show is over we will post an online gallery with all the artwork and contact URL’s for the artists. Please follow think links and check out their other work.
  • Full CoVid protocols will be in place, including mask wearing, social distancing, occupancy limits and regular surface decontamination.

We want everyone who comes in to walk away with a piece of artwork, so we had Kelsey Cretcher create this year’s FREE swank holiday print.

December 16th to the 24th will also be the week of our holiday sale, which includes:

  • 50% off back issues
  • 20% off statues and action figures
  • 20% off graphic novels and hardcovers
  • 10% off everything else in the shop.

Please help us out by shopping local when possible this holiday season!

We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us to keep this traditon alive during these trying times. I’m really going to miss the holiday party this year, but after thinking about it the charity is the heart of the whole event. It’s what needs to be preserved so the event can live again next year under better conditons. Thank you to everyone who contributed a cover this year! Your artwork will be turned into food during the holiday season. You did your part. 

Last year with your help we were able to assist the Cleveland Food Bank in creating 14,276 meals. 

This year we aim to surpass this total. (Why? Because FU 2020, that’s why.)

Thank you as always for your support!