CNJComics Job Opening

CNJComics is conducting its first-ever open hiring! We’re looking for someone to work Tuesdays to help with new comic shipments and learn about what it takes to work in a comic book shop. This one-day-a-week job can lead to more hours and full-time employment. Applications should be returned to the shop in person so we can get a look at you!

Tuesday Job Description: Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop

It is typically a ten-hour workday starting at 10:30 am. We receive our shipments and proceed to organize and check them in. Included in these shipments are new products as well as restock. The employee will be a part of opening and sorting boxes, recording new stuff for inventory, sorting books into subscription files, and finding the proper spots for special orders and re-orders.

We strive to keep the store in working order throughout the day. We make sure that cardboard and other packing supplies are properly disposed of and recycled, keeping the store orderly and shoppable for customers throughout. The new employee will learn how product shifts throughout the store from week to week.

We like to be well-staffed on Tuesdays so that everything gets done in a timely fashion while we also familiarize ourselves with the new product. We end the day by creating a new product video posted to Facebook Live. The entire staff is welcome to participate. The twenty minutes video showcases all the new products and highlights what each staff member is excited about. After the video, we all make sure any final requests are filled so things are ready for a successful Wednesday. Wednesdays are for show, Tuesdays are for go.

We need a steady employee to help with this process working from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. After one month of Tuesdays, we assess the employee to see if they are compatible with the shop. This can lead to more hours at the shop, including the possibility of full-time work. The employee starts at $12 an hour for the first month, paid out at the end of the day.

After one month and completing the review, the employee can make $14 an hour.

Please use the below file for your application, and thank you!