Andrea’s Holiday Party Picks for 12.14.2022

Hi Comic Shop Friends! It’s Holiday Party week, so we’re busy getting everything ready for Saturday night.

Thanks to everyone who submitted covers for our charity Art Show. We have 140 covers that you’ll be able to pick from for the raffle to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. Art will be displayed starting tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th, through Saturday the 17th, and you can purchase raffle tickets starting tomorrow.

Our Holiday Party is 8 pm to 11 pm this Saturday, and during party hours you can get one item 50% off!

Also, starting today is our Holiday Sale! 50% off back issues (except wall books) and 20% off action figures and statues! This will run through December 24th, so you can pick up last minute gifts, or just treat yourself!


Tony Stark has lost his fame, his friends, and his wealth, but he still has one thing left to lose. His life. And the assassins coming after him are eager to help. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Juan Frigeri give us the beginning of the end for Iron Man.

Monica Rambeau stars in her very own adventure from writer Eve L. Ewing and artists Luca Maresca and Ivan Fiorelli. Monica may have, as her dad says, “the burnout they were talking about on the radio.” Dealing with family drama, trying to be the MVP, and new adversaries leaves her with no time for herself. Maybe she just needs some space.


The one-shot everyone is asking for! (Literally, people keep calling and asking if it’s out.) It’s Batman/Spawn from Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo! The two dark heroes find their paths crossing again, but what sinister foe is responsible for pitting them against each other?

Danger Street from Tom King and Jorge Fornes is a multi-character, multilayered crime drama maxiseries starring some of DC’s most obscure characters, reimagined. Starman, Metamorpho, and Warlord think they can summon Darkseid and defeat him to join the Justice League. Each person the heroes encounter plays a crucial role in the sprawling narrative, including the Creeper, the Green Team, and Manhunter.


Only $1.99 for a new Image #1! Night Club from Mark Millar and Juanan Ramirez is a six-issue mini-series following 17-year-old Danny Garcia, aspiring YouTube star. When he ends up in the hospital after a stunt goes wrong, his life as a human ends, and his life as a vampire begins. Will he try to live a regular life with his mom and friends, or live in the shadows? Or does he use his new vampire powers for good? Bat!

From artist Lee Bermejo and writer Mattson Tomlin, A Vicious Circle is a new time travelling epic presented in a prestige oversized format. Shawn Thacker has a monster locked in his basement, and a secret past in the future. From 1950s Louisiana to the 22nd century, and any time past and future, Thacker must try to stop a rival with the same ability as his: travelling through time by taking a life.

The other Image #1 this week is Art Brut. Originally published under the title The Electric Sublime, this is the remastered, re-lettered version, presented with the original intended name. Working with the Bureau of Artistic Integrity, Arthur Brut and his sidekick, Manny, must dive into paintings to stop reality from crumbling. Written by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martin Morazzo, each issue features a new Silver Age style back up story with Art Brut.