Andrea’s Picks for 11.01.2023

Hey there Comic Shop Friends! Hopefully, everyone had a Happy Halloween! We are ready for a fairly quiet November here in the shop, after all the events in October.

I missed the last two because I took some time off to finish out my spooky season, but thank you to everyone who came out for Sarah Kuhn and Laura Siegel Larson’s signing, and to everyone who celebrated Halloween in the shop with free comics!

We also just hit our 33rd year of business! Here’s to another 33 years!

Please help us out by picking up your files, so we can get ready for the new carpet installation! The less we have to move, the better!

We will be closed Monday, November 13th, and Tuesday, November 14th for the installation, and the back room is being done this coming weekend, so please pardon our dust as things are in transition.

Since this is going on, and we’ll be having our Black Friday weekend sale in November, we’ll be skipping a month of Late Nite Comics.

And, just announced! This year’s theme for the annual Christmas art show is Marvel Vs. DC! We have blank covers in stock now and more details to come soon!


Here comes that Spider-Boy! Now in his own series from writer Dan Slott and artist Paco Medina, Bailey Briggs has been forgotten by everyone, even Spider-Man, whom Bailey sidekicked with for three years. Branded as a monster, (because he is a literal spider boy) Spider-Boy is trying to show everyone the hero he was before he was wiped from the Web of Life. Full of bowling puns, Horrifying Humanimals, and a backup Thanksgiving story featuring Squirrel Girl, by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton.

Yelena Belova has been many things, superspy, rogue agent, Shadow of the Black Widow, but now she is finally free to create her own life, and choose her own path. She moves to the small town of Idylhaven and is figuring out what she really thinks about things. For example, she loves her dog, Bint Clarton, likes cats, is neutral on naps, and dislikes Cyclops because he refused to gossip with her. When her favorite coffee shop is taken over by mega-company Armament, and her friend’s candy shop is attacked by someone familiar, her boring life becomes not-boring, and it may be time to put on some hero pants to save her city. Written by Sarah Gailey with art by Alessandro Miracolo.

It’s Jeff! Jeff is back with one brand-new story and issues #13-24 of the Marvel Unlimited series by Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru. Jeff picks a Halloween costume! Jeff figures out how to get free snacks! Jeff must wear a cone of doom! Jeff versus M.O.D.O.K.! Jeff versus the chore wheel! Jeff frees the animals in a pet store, with the help of some friends! And more! Always adorable, always charming, it’s Jeff!


Kara thought she had found her place in the world after joining the Super-Family in Metropolis. But after Power Girl’s reappearance, she feels as though both her identity and role in the family are in question. With missing memories of her life in Argo City and Krypton, and feeling like she’s falling behind in her life in Metropolis, she searches for answers as to where she truly belongs. And cupcakes may help. From writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Skylar Patridge.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Reign of the Supermen and the Return of Superman, DC has brought back the original creative teams for new stories set in the wake of Superman’s death. Daily Planet editor-in-chief Lois Lane has found Perry White’s journals from the time, and his entries about each of the four new Supermen: Steel, Superboy, Cyborg Superman, and the Eradicator, shed some light on what it means to be Superman. The five stories cover the current day in “Legacy” by Dan Jurgens and Travis Moore, Steel in “Speed!” by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove, The Eradicator in “He Had Me Thinking He Was Superman” by Jerry Ordway, Superboy in “The Metropolis Kid!” by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, and Cyborg Superman in “Betrayal” by Dan Jurgens.


A western, thriller, mystery series from Scott Snyder and Dan Panosian, mixing historical fact, lore, and horror. In the western territory in 1891, a schoolboy kills his teacher, slicing her throat during a presentation. This is just the most recent in a string of seemingly random killings, of good people suddenly turning bad, murdering neighbors and families without cause. Marshal Holt is tasked with investigating the killings with “rock doctor” Ed Edwards, who has a theory about tainted waters running through the mountain where the old Canary Mine was. An area Holt is familiar with from his famous showdown with killer Hyrum Tell. But there are things that happened in those mountains that never made it into the dime store retellings of the event. Things that may tie to the current terrifying violence.

Vault has provided us with free copies of the first issue of Unnatural Order, so we are giving those away to anyone who would like one. Make sure to add it to your pull list after reading it, so we can make sure to order enough of issue #2! It does have a great hook at the end that I think will make you want to check out the rest of the series.

Writer Chris Yost returns to comics with artist Val Rodrigues for this new dark fantasy, sci-fi, folk horror series. A mysterious captive known only as the Druid has been released after the fall of the Britons and the Roman invasion of Hibernia. As the Druid spreads his horrors and darkness across the world, a group of survivors unite to face him. Armed with weapons and magic, the five men and women set off to destroy the thrice damned tree and free the only person the Druid fears, a prisoner trapped in the burning Wicker fields. A prisoner who knows the Druid’s secret, and that this is not how the world is supposed to be.