Featured New Releases for 9-26-2018

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 26th, 2018!

The first book is a big one that we’ve been waiting a while for. Heroes in Crisis #1, the new seven issue mini series that deals with Post Traumatic Stress in the DC Universe. 

Written by Tom King, and telling the story of Sanctuary, the mental crisis center Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman set up together for heroes dealing with PTSD. Staffed occasionally by Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, this is the perfect subject for the writer of Omega Men, Mister Miracle and Batman. 

We also wanted to give another shout out to Doomsday Clock, with issue #7 coming out. This has been a great read, merging the DC and Watchmen universes. Great cover this week too. I’ve been waiting 30 years for that punch. 

Spider-Geddon sort of starts this week, this a #0 issue featuring the first appearance of the Spider-Man from the new Playstation game. 

The fourth issue of Edge of Spider-Geddon also features the first appearance a world where Norman Osborn became Spider-Man instead of Peter. This character is the catalyst for the new Spider-Geddon series.

Stranger Things gets its own comic this week, and shows what happened to Will Byers when he first entered the upside down.

The animated universes of Star Trek and Transformers go head to head this week in IDW’s Star Trek Vs. Transformers. (notice the VS!)

Finally, we’ve got a new volume of Saga, which is going to have to hold you over for some time. Vaughan and Staples are taking a one year hiatus from the book.

Other than that mark your calendar for Halloween Comic Fest 2018 on Saturday, October 27th! You can check out all the free comics that will be available here!