Another Halloween ComicFest is in the bag, and we had a very successful turnout yet again. Thanks to all who dressed up and came out. Here’s a link to the gallery that we put together and it’s pretty awesome. Thanks again to Heather Linn for the great photo set!

ComicFest 2017

From us to you, sincerely, thanks.

Now to get back into the swing of things!


First up is the Marvel Legacy book that everyone has been waiting for, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Captain America!

Waid and Samnee had a very successful run together on Daredevil, and now they’re reuniting to bring Integrity back to the mantle of Captain America. I’ve read this book in it’s entirety and I’ve giving it an A plus as a big Captain America fan. You need no previous knowledge of what’s going on in Steve Rogers life, he’s just on his own after the events of Secret Empire and roaming the country side on his motorcycle. Nuff’ said there.

Other new Marvel Legacy starter titles this week include Guardians of the Galaxy #146, Spider-Man #234 and Power Pack #63. (Which is a one shot continuation of the old series. Look for more of stuff like this in the future like Darkhawk and Not Brand Echh.) We’ll also have a free preview magazine of all the new Legacy titles for the month of November.

Walking Dead is back on the air, and we always see an increase in readership when that happens. The latest issue is out this week, and we always keep a full inventory of all the graphic novels at all times. (No big box lazy inventory here.)

Over at DC we’ve got the usual, Batman, Batman, Batman. (and that isn’t a bad thing at all.)

Along with Batman #34, the Batman Dark Days one shots continue this week with Batman: The Devastator #1, an evil Batman/Doomsday hybrid. We’ve still got reprints of all the other one shots.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming is the first of two $12.99 original hardcovers by acclaimed European comics master Enrico Marini.

It’s a Batman / Joker story an it’ll be interesting to see if the content warrants the unusual format.

If you missed out on the sold out Batman: White Knight #1, you can pick the reprint of #1 with the new #2 this week. This was a great story written by punk master Sean Murphy which places Joker in the role of the hero. Maybe.

Also this week, Neal Adams returns to one of his characters in Deadman #1.

Neal’s writing and drawing this one (again), and while his dialogue is pretty rough, you can’t pass up the artwork. Neal’s one of the last of the living legends out there. Oh yeah, it’s got a glow in the dark cover, just (not) in time for Halloween!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that local Tony Isabella is back on Black Lightning, and that the book is set in our own Cleveland.

Black Lightning is a Cleveland High School teacher during his day job, so he more than has his work cut out for him. The irony of one of DC’s first iconic black characters being written by a little white kid from Cleveland never failed to escape me. But Tony is a local treasure, and a good friend to the shop. They’re even doing a Black Lightning 40th Anniversary Celebration at Akron Comicon this weekend!

Also look for a new free DC Chronology Guide, to help you organize your graphic novels and maybe suggest a few you haven’t read yet. Just ask for one at the counter.

What’s next for CNJComics you ask? It’s time to start thinking about or huge Black Friday event on November 24th! Along with Local Comic Shop Day on November 18th (Which is also Justice League Day) and Small Business Saturday on November 25th! Remember to shop local this holiday season! It makes your community a better place!

Oh yeah, enjoy Thor Ragnarok this week!


Break out your costume, it’s time for our 6th annual Halloween Comicfest on Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 7pm!

Halloween Comicsfest features FREE comics FREE candy and FREE photography services!


The day is essentially a miniature Free Comic Book Day, with many publishers creating special books exclusive to the day to be given away for free! This year is a nice representation of many different genres so everyone should walk away pretty content. This year there are 18 full size comics and 12 mini comics, and people stopping by in costume are welcome to take one of every book they are interested in! (So yes, you may take all 30 books if you are so inclined.) We also allow customers not in costume to pick out five books for themselves. What constitutes a costume? Our typical answer is, “If you have to ask us if you’re wearing a costume you probably aren’t.” However, we are committed to making everyone happy that day and we’ll work with you on that one. 😉

Here’s are some of the full size highlights:

Batman Night of the Monster Men Special Edition: Doctor Hugo Strange has unleashed a swarm of monsters upon Gotham City for Batman and Company to deal with!

Thor by Simonson Special Edition: With Thor Ragnarok right around the corner, check out this classic battle between Thor and Hela, as well as Hela’s first appearance by Jack Kirby!

Hellboy and the BPRD 1953 Special: Halloween is a great time to dip into the monstrous world of Hellboy in these two short stories!

DC Superhero Girls Special Edition: It seems DC has one of these for every event. This one has the opening chapter of the new upcoming graphic novel. (So yes, it’s new material.)

Runaways Special Edition: This Marvel comic was written by Saga’s Brain K Vaughan and is a real treat if you’re unfamiliar with the characters. The perfect ‘tween’ books that can also completely be enjoyed by adults. A TV show is even coming on Hulu next month.

Other full size comics include:

  • Battle Angel Alita Sailor Moon Eternal
  • Choose Your Own Aspen Adventure
  • Darth Maul
  • Ghostbusters Dia Del Los Muertos
  • Junji Ito Shiver
  • Lady Mechanika La Dama De La Muerte
  • Malika Dragon Trials
  • Mortal Instruments
  • The Tick
  • BabyTeeth (Mature Readers)
  • Black Betty (Mature Readers)
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two (Mature Readers)
  • Grimm Tales of Terror (Mature Readers)

(Don’t worry mom and dad, the mature readers comics will be kept up and away from the other books.)

In addition, there will be 12 mini comics, all of which are rated “All Ages” including:

  • Hotel Transylvania: Huge property pretty much year round at our house.

  • Archie Madhouse
  • Boom Haunted Evening
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Donald Duck
  • Gao Mini Comic
  • Lovecraft Undersea Kingdom
  • Moonlighters
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha
  • Stitched
  • Witch Boy
  • Wrapped up

To view complete descriptions of the books as well as images for you to look over with your family, check here!

But wait, that’s not all! We’ve also got left over copies of all three books from Batman Day 2017, so you’ll also be able to grab a different Batman Special Edition, a Harley Quinn Special edition, and another DC Superhero Girls comic if you didn’t make it in on that day!

Our best advice is the same as on Free Comic Book Day “COME EARLY FOR THE BEST SELECTION!” We have thousands and thousand of books to give away but there is a finite number of them. 

It goes without saying that we will have candy to go with those comics. (We’re a big believer in healthy snacks but not so much on Halloween.)


Another huge part of the success of our day is the FREE photography services from Heather Linn Young.  From 10am to 3pm Heather will be taking studio pictures of everyone in the foyer attached to our shop. Heather has done work for Cleveland Magazine a specializes in portraits, so this is a great opportunity to capture your cosplay costume, your kids super cute costume, as well as group pictures with family and friends. 

Photo’s are made available in a Facebook gallery the day after so that you’ll have a great images for your social media sites for Halloween. Here’s a few of the previous years galleries:

2014    –    2015    –    2016 

There is also a national costume contest going on associated with the event, and you can find the details of that here.

(Big tip, if you want you picture from Heather to be used for the contest be sure you’re holding one of the HCF2017 books in the picture!)


We’re also trying something new this year with a couple cool new people, the crew over at Heroes United for Kids. <>

From 4pm to 6pm they’ll be setting up their green screen photo booth, so that you can take pictures in front of a background of your choice including:

Space Planet – Exploding City – Taco Truck – Sewer for Turtles – Ben 10ish Green Border – Castle with Dragon – X-men type background – Batman type background – Avengers type background – Justice League type background – Hoth type location – and just plain “Space.”

This service will also be free and they’ll have the pictures up on their website the next day as well. They’ve even have people in costume to take pictures with! How cool is that?!


You do not need to buy anything to engage the event and get your free comics and whatnot, but man it sure helps us out! To help that along we’ll be offering 50% off all back issues all day long. 

We’ve also got 50 copies of an exclusive Walking Dead #1 cover that Wizard World gave us, and we’ll be giving those away FREE with any purchase!

As mentioned above, Thor Ragnarok is only a few weeks away, so we’ve also secured copies of the first and fourth volumes of Walt Simonson’s Thor Graphic Novel to give away with any purchase. (You can choose either a graphic novel or a Walking Dead Comic Book when you check out.)

Walt’s five volume run on Thor is legendary, and it’s the perfect material to get you ready for the movie. 

Here is a great read on why his work on Thor is so important!

Seriously, read this article. Why did we pick volumes one AND four? Because four has Thor frog in it. 

The only other thing to mention is that the tv show Stranger Things 2 is sponsoring Halloween Comic Fest this year. (The full season will be available the day before Halloween Comics Fest on Netflix.) We’ll have free stuff to give away early in the day, as well as this really cool photo op display where you pop your head into it and your number eleven. It’s huge and we’ll put it out side the shop for you to take your own pictures. The first season was probably an all around top five pop culture pic of last year for me, so this sponsorship is a pretty cool bonus. Also, if you take any cool pictures at the event, be sure to tag them #CNJCOMICS (the official shop hashtag) and #HCF2017 .

Whew, that’s it! Come out and see why we won Diamond’s Best Practices award for Best Halloween Comic Fest Event! We put a lot of work into it some come out and enjoy! I personally change costumes about as many times as Britney Spears!

Wednesday October 25th is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day, this Saturday the 28th is Halloween ComicFest, and we’ve got Facebook sending out a photographer to document a new comic book day!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, October 25th, 2017.

As some of you may know, we had the honor of being chosen to be a part of Facebook’s Small Business Council, an honor that only 40 businesses out of 70 million on Facebook have received!

Well this Wednesday we’re asking for your help to be extra awesome, as Facebook is sending out a photographer to document us and a new comic book day at the shop. They’ll be setting up shop between noon and 5pm, and If you stop in during that time period expect to sign a release form on your way out if you don’t mind being in some of the photo’s. This is a huge opportunity for us so please think about scheduling your visit to the shop during this time period. Make sure your demographic is represented in our shop during this time period. (Whatever that may be, we love everyone.) The reality is that YOU (yes YOU) are what makes our shop successful, so come and be a part of this with us! Thank you thank you!

To give the day a little direction and another reason to stop in, IDW has declared it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Day, so we’re just rolling with that. 

Basically we have a free TMNT Sampler to give to everyone who stops in, recapping the last 5 years of the book, and helping you get into the series if you’re interested. 

It’s also the release date for TMNT #75, as well as the TMNT Ultimate Collection Volume One, reprinting the classic first seven issues with annotations. We also restocked every single Turtles graphic novel available. 

We’ll be having a raffle all day long with lots of TMNT prizes, the highlight of which is this original sketch cover by Kevin Eastman himself!

You’ll get a raffle slip with any purchase, and we’ll draw the winner at the end of the day. You need not be present. (So we’ve basically got you filling out all kinds of paperwork this Wednesday)

Did you realize the Turtles are based on classic archetypes that go way back in literature and still pop up repeatedly today? Leader – Wild Card – Tech – Party Guy.

Think about it. (Winston is Splinter.)

Yet another great reason to stop by this Wednesday is that we’ll have huge stacks of the second printings of those Batman Metal One-Shots you’ve been missing out on! These one shots include tricked out evil versions of Batman/Flash (Batman: The Red Death) Batman/Cyborg (Batman: The Murder Machine) Batman/Aquaman (Batman: The Drowned) Batman/Green Lantern (Batman: The Dawnbreaker) and Batman/Wonder Woman (Batman: The Merciless) 

These one shots can be enjoyed individually or together, and you will enjoy them. The latest Metal offshoot begins in Flash #33 this week with “Bats Out Of Hell” part one! Barry Allen verse The Red Death!

Finally, we have to point you back to Halloween Comic Fest this Saturday, October 28th!

People in costume will be able to pick up 30 free comics from the ones listed here.

We’ve got 50 copies of a limited edition of Walking Dead #1 that were donated to us by Wizard World, as well as 150 copies we procured of a great Thor graphic novel to give away with the first sales that day, (You get to pick one or the other when you check out.)

As always: Use the code WINSTON for 20% off your tickets at

We’ve got lots of other cool stuff going on that you can explore here.

As always thank you for your patronage! We’re geared up for a great week at the shop!

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