It’s time for our yearly sale for all of us who are left behind while San Diego Comicon is in full swing, our ‘Not-At-Comicon’ sale!

Running the exact dates as Comicon, July 21st to the 24th, our sale features two major discounts, 50% off ALL back issues and 10% off everything else in the shop.

The biggest part of the sale is that it’s one of only two times during the year (the other being Black Friday weekend) that we take over the foyer attached to our shop and fill it with all the overstock we’ve accumulated over the year. This year we’ve set a record with over 160 long boxes going out, all at only $1.00 per book. (50 cents each for 100 or more, so be ready to dig.)

While the books aren’t in perfect order, we do tend to throw them in the right direction to make digging easier.

This Thursday, July 21st, the first day of the sale, will also be our first “Late Night Comics” event, where we clear off the new comic table and fill it with even more dollar stock.

We’ll keep the store open from 8 pm to Midnight, play some records, hang out, and whatnot. This move is inspired by the new Late Nite Records shop on Walton Road, which reminded us of the fun of shopping late at Tower Records back in the day.

This will also be a more mellow way to dig through all that dollar stock in the foyer as well.

 We hope to continue this tradition on the third Thursday of every month, again filling the new comic table with dollar stock each time. (Hey, it’s not doing anyone any good in our storage locker!)

Another big announcement is that we will host Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) at the comic shop on Friday, July 29th, from 5 pm to 8 pm! Laura Wimbels, Lenora from the Big Bad B Movie Show, will also be joining us!

This effort is in conjunction with the Cleveland Haunt Club, a great local Facebook group that creates an online map of some of the best Halloween displays in the area. Mrs. Dudas and I are big into decorating, and we’ve had our house on the map for several years!

Butch is bringing the Munsters Koach, and for a bit of money, you can take a ride in it. We’re not in charge of this end of it, but we’ve been told a photo is $10, a Photo and Autograph is $20, and a ride in the Koach is $50.

Local legend and DJ Kung Fu Bob will also be around spinning some horror soundtracks and music to keep the evening moving.

Butch will also appear at the Haunted Garage Sale the next day, a meet-up run by the Cleveland Haunt Club, where people sell and trade old Halloween Decorations! (It’s gotten to be huge over the years!)

We hope everyone’s summer is going great, and thank you from the entire staff for embracing our bizarre events and culture! (Also, Happy 50th Birthday to senior staff member John Shearer!)

Hey everyone! This week is our big summer sale at the shop, but more on that in just a bit. We’ve got new exciting issues this week too! Let’s get into it.

Marvel Comics

“In the land of the righteous… The X-Men claim they’re the planet’s new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. The Avengers are about to realize exactly how many secrets their so-called friends have kept from them. Years of tension lead to a volcanic eruption as two worlds burn. Who has leaked the X-Men’s secrets to their latest foes? Why is Tony Stark abducting an old friend? And who stands in judgment over the whole world? Judgment Day from Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti is the apocalyptic emotional event to define the summer.” After last week’s Eve of Judgement, the AXE: Judgement Day event officially kicks off now with issue #1.  

One of the most underrated Marvel series of the past year or so, Defenders: There Are No Rules by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez, was a cosmic trip. Doctor Strange, the Masker Raider, and the team ventured across time and space to the birthplace of Galactus and even met Taaia, Galactus’ mother. The team of Ewing and Rodriguez now returns for Defenders Beyond! “When Doctor Strange sends a dire warning from beyond the grave, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Taaia, Tigra, and Loki assemble to defend reality itself! Plus, you won’t believe who shows up on the final page!” If you haven’t checked out the previous series, we have the trade, but you can also jump right in with this new series.

DC Comics

I finally got caught up on DC Vs. Vampires! Thanks to the reprints that came out last week (we sold out fast!) I was able to read the series so far. It’s super dark! Very much a spiritual successor to the hit DCeased series, it’s the DC universe getting taken over by vampires, and there’s a lot of bloodshed. And now new, this week is a brand-new mini-series that takes place within this dark new universe in DC Vs. Vampires: All Out War #1. John Constantine teams up with Booster Gold, Deathstroke, and Mary Marvel to assassinate a key lieutenant of the vampire army. Shearer called this the Black, White, and Blood series of the DCVV series, and he isn’t wrong. The series is monochromatic but with plenty of blood red. A cool companion piece to the main series.

Small Press

Rogues’ Gallery from Image this week is The Purge meets Scream. In this new series, superfans of the Red Rogue comic are displeased with the Red Rogue TV show and especially with the titular star of the show, actress Maisie Wade. These twisted kids hatch a plan to steal something valuable from the actress’ home, but they’ve got a surprise once they get there. Written and drawn by relative newcomers in Hannah Rose May and Justin Mason, respectively, this new Image #1 is the story of unhealthy fandom gone too far.

Do A Powerbomb is back! Daniel Warren Johnson’s latest series was a smash, both with the staff and customers, and issue #2 this week was the first thing we read. It continues the fun from the last issue while also delivering a great hook for the start of this otherworldly tournament. The best part of this issue, in my opinion, though, was the gag that the necromancer running this deadly show believes that pro wrestling is real… that’s a secret that we all learn in time, like Santa Claus not being real (sorry kids, you didn’t hear that from me!).

From the creative team behind the Source Point cult hit Good Boy, comes Little Red Ronin. “A terrible beast has haunted the citizens of Poletown for decades. Although the monster hasn’t been seen in years, disappearances and gruesome killings still plague the townsfolk. Determined to clear her family name, Red hunts The Great Wolf in hopes of exonerating her grandmother, who lives in exile for spreading terrifying propaganda.” A sick and twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood that could only come from the likes of Garrett Gunn and Kit Wallis, Little Red Ronin #1 is a great start to this new miniseries.

And that’s just some of the goods this week. We’ve also got our HUGE Not-At-Comic-Con sale too starting this Thursday!

Running from this Thursday until Sunday, we’ll have 50% off all back issues, 10% off everything else, including trades and action figures, and the biggie; we’ll have the foyer open with a smorgasbord of dollar boxes. Plus, a first for the shop, this Thursday evening, we’ll have our first Late Night Comics event!

We’re going to keep the lights on, and the store is open after-hours from 8 pm until midnight, and we’re going to wipe the new comic table clean! In its place, we’re going to put out 40 more long boxes that we couldn’t fit in the foyer for one night only. On top of the regular weekend sale, this is a dollar bin shopper’s dream, and it’s this Thursday night, July 21st. Don’t forget too, that once you crack 100-dollar books, they become 50 cents each! John Dudas’s plan is to make this a recurring event each month, so come out this week for the inaugural launch of a future CNJ’s staple. Keep it cool this week, and we’ll see you around

Good morning, Carol and John’s Shoppers! We’ve got another exciting week of comics, with some big events going on in Marvel, some great storytelling from DC, and some fresh new things in small press. Let’s kick things off.

Marvel Comics

The next big Marvel crossover begins! “First shot fired – Judgment is coming! The Eternals know that the mutants have conquered death. But what are they going to do about it? The oldest immortals on Earth eye up the newest, and the doomsday clock starts to tick toward Judgment Day.” Written by Eternals and Immortal X-Men scribe Kieron Gillen, the news is out that mutants have learned to cheat death and resurrect themselves on Krakoa. It’s rubbed a lot of people in the Marvel Universe the wrong way, but especially the Eternals: immortality is kind of their shtick. A.X.E. Judgement Day officially kicks off next week with #1, but this week’s Eve of Judgement serves as the zero issue. Check out the trailer below for the epic crossover event.

Last year’s inaugural Hellfire Gala event in the pages of X-Men was such a hit that they’re doing another, this time in an oversized one-shot! A new X-Men team is revealed, but there’s also plenty of controversy surrounding this year’s event with the news of the X-Men’s immortality making the front page of the Daily Bugle. Both allies and enemies will have eyes on this year’s Hellfire Gala, serving as the perfect reunion for all the mutants and a great setup for what’s to come.

“An all-new era of Daredevil starts here! After the shocking events of Devil’s Reign, what is left of Daredevil? Who lived, who died, and who is left to pick up the pieces? Chip Zdarsky and his superstar collaborator Marco Checchetto turn their gaze to a future full of peril and pain, in this – the explosive beginning of an all-new era for Hell’s Kitchen’s guardian devil, and the most important Daredevil issue of the year (until next month)!” Zdarsky and Checchetto’s Daredevil run has been one of the most celebrated Marvel series of the past couple of years, and with this new #1 relaunch, there’s no better time to jump aboard.

Everyone’s favorite new Star Wars character makes his comic debut; Din Djarin, the Mandalorian! New this week, Marvel is releasing the comics adaption of the hit Disney+ series with Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1. Relive the hit series in comic form, or experience it for the first time. “But hasn’t everyone watched the show by now,” you say? I don’t think it’s the biggest shop secret that I’m pretty far behind on all the Star Wars and Marvel shows, in that I haven’t seen any of them. I ain’t got time for all that. But now I can read the series, and you can too.

DC Comics

The Justice League is dead! Or are they? Needing the power to fuel his deadly machinations, Pariah has imprisoned the essence of each JL member on custom-made worlds using his dark powers. On this world, and in the first of several Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League one-shots, Clark and Jonathan Kent will experience a strange new reality where the Justice League never existed. And in a heartwarming twist, Clark will get the chance to watch Jonathan grow up. Written by Tom King (cool) and drawn by Chris Burnham (super cool!), this one-shot is arguably the best issue this week. There are a lot of reasons to pick up this issue, but they had me at Chris Burnham on art. Just ask me about his work on Nameless with Grant Morrison next time you’re in the shop.

John Shearer and Ben have been singing DC Vs. Vampires’ praises, but now all of you and I can get caught up if we weren’t already. DC has been doing reprint collections for current series like Batman Beyond the White Knight, Dark Knights of Steel, and Batman: The Knight, and this week they’ve split DCVV into two with Coffin and Crypt Editions collecting issues #1-3 and #4-6 respectively. Why they didn’t just do a single trade paperback, I do not know, but we’ve got these two great horror movie homage covers instead. The series just came back with issue #7 last week, so now’s the time to put your stake in this series (ahh, see what I did there?).

Small Press

“The hit team behind The Few and Thumbs returns with an all-new wild as hell miniseries! Writer Sean Lewis (King Spawn), artist Hayden Sherman (Wasted Space), and rock-star letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou introduce a world where Deadwood-style Westerns collide with the fantasia of Neil Gaiman in the story of Dirt, a man seeking vengeance for his murdered wife with nothing but a talking vulture to prod him on. Above Snakes is a fast and furious explosion of Western tropes and American vengeance that explores where our rage can take us.” I’m a big Hayden Sherman fan, first with Vault’s Wasted Space, and later with Aftershock’s Chicken Devil, so I’m excited to check out their latest in Image’s Above Snakes.

This next title is something you’d be VERY hard-pressed to find in many other comic shops, if any, at least here in the States. We’ll get local comic creators that come into the shop from time to time looking for us to stock their books, and last week we had Cleveland-native Chad Bilyeu stop in to buy some Paul Grist Kane, but also deliver issues of his series Chad In Amsterdam. Chad’s been living in Amsterdam for ten years but has teamed up with a bevy of international artists (including cherished Gary Dumm!) for a new, modern-age quirky slice-of-life book detailing the atypical adventures and musings of Chad in the Dutch capital. It’s the closest thing readers can get to Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor today but has Chad’s own style and voice that makes it totally his own book. I read all 6 issues available that night after he dropped them off, and I’m stoked for more! You can check out more and follow him online at It’s some of my favorite stuff I’ve read all year, seriously.

Along with cool new issues, this week is also a great week to come in and get a head start on back issues before the sale next weekend. From July 21st through the 24th, we’ll have 50% off all back issues and 10% off everything else, along with all of our dollar bins out and in the foyer. You may think to wait until the sale for any wall books you’ve been eyeing up, but they may not be here by then. Just saying. Have a great week and we’ll see you around.

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