Alright! It’s another great week again! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020!

The lead book for the week in the 96 page Wonder Woman #750, in the tradition of Action #1000 and Detective #1000!

Featuring all new stories and the return of some classic Wonder Woman writers like Greg Rucka and Gail Simone!

We’ll be getting all the decades variants too, so you can pick out the cover you like the most. (The above is the 1950’s cover by Jenny Frison.)

Others include…

1960’s by J. Scott Campbell (I love it)

1980’s by George Perez

and many more! Again 96 pages for $9.99!

Next in line is Al Ewing’s new Guardians of the Galaxy #1.

Yes, the writer behind the incredibly successful Immortal Hulk will be taking over as writer of GOTG!

We’ve got a few guilty pleasures in here as well. The whole staff loved Punisher Kill Krew, and the graphic novel comes out this week. 

The Punisher hunts down war criminals from the War of Realms. It’s just well done high comedy as Frank moves his way through Asgard as easily as he gets around New York.

Do yourself a favor and hop on board the team for the big win. (I want to get this whole comic airbrushed on our van.)

I love the look of the new Ghostbusters trailer, so the new Ghostbusters Year One comic ranks up as a guilty pleasure. 

Plus, the first issue spotlights Winston Zeddemore, and as you know, that’s who the cat is named after. 

Remember our Doomsday Clock and Watchman TV series book club at 8pm on Thursday, February 6th!

That’s it for this week!

It was another small new comic week at the shop, but we’ve still got some fun stuff going on.

(Next week will be a full week again, we promise!)  

Last week we mentioned that we put out a bunch of Marvel and DC long boxes for $1.00, all from the past couple of years. This week we added nine boxes of small press stuff as well!

You can pick up runs on some really great titles on the cheap, like…

We bought a big collection of out of print Marvel Selects and old school Marvel Legends. They’re all priced and out for sale.

Zoe actually came in and helped with the purchase!

We also liquidated our pub glasses, shot glasses, bottle openers and playing card decks. All pub glasses are $3 each and everything else is only $1. This frees our glass cases up to hold more Marvel and DC PVC Gallery Statues.

Which in turn frees up our shelves to hold more key back issues. Ever forward.

Just another quick reminder that we’ll be hosting another book club on Thursday, February 6th at 8 pm. This one will be on Doomsday Clock and the new Watchman TV series. Come with your opinions and be ready to talk it out!

It’s a small new comic week so we thought we’d give you the heads up on our next book club on Thursday, February 6th at 8 pm. After much success with our House / Powers of X book club last year, we have decided to make these things quarterly.

While looking for subjects we decided upon some of the current Watchman sequels, and we’ll be examining both Doomsday Clock and Watchman the TV series.

The Book club will be run by Valentino Luca Zullo, as well as one of our newest employees Raphael. I’ll be floating around in the background with color commentary from time to time.

The first six issues of Doomsday Clock have been collected into a hardcover volume that we have at the shop. Issues #7 – #12 you’ll have to pick up individually, also at the shop. Log into HBO to watch the tv series, it’ll be well worth your time.

The book club will last till about 9:30pm and we look forward to seeing you there!

We’ve been going through the books we acquired from the liquidation of Imaginary Worlds, and we’ve just put out ten long boxes of Marvel / DC / Vertigo and Young Animal books from the last couple of years for only $1.00 each.

There’s some really great stuff in there and it’ll be worth the trip into the shop to dig through. All in all we’ve got 120 long boxes to go through so we’ll try to keep rotating stuff out to keep it interesting. Point being, when you hear about stuff like this it won’t be out forever. (We recently put out eight magazine boxes of weird stuff for $1.00 each and we went through six of the boxes in two days.)

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve be at Wizard World this year, representing our brand to the best of our ability.

We’ll be dragging all our Silver Age down there but we want our customer base to get first dibs on the sales, so we’ll be starting the yearly Wizard World Sale three days earlier. (So you’ve got a shot at them before they head downtown.) That sale will start on Tuesday March 3rd and last until Sunday March 8th. (as stated, the Silver Age will only be at the shop on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. So be warned!)

That’s all the announcements we have! Have a great week!

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